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Pink balloons
Posted on 2007.02.12 at 21:52
It's an ever-increasing slowly-transforming sunrise and sunset,
days marked by an Eiffel Tower on my homepage that changes according to the time -
different views of Paris and a girl who's not there yet
and stress about uni coming up and oh my
who knew crumpets were only xx calories?
(what a forbidden word)

I'm not getting better and I'm not pretending to.
I feel slightly empty and I'm not sure where this is going to get me.
But I hope it's a better place.

Year 12 is over and I'm relishing the freedom but in a few weeks it will finish and I'm not sure what will begin. Don't you understand I want something more than this? That I want more than a degree, a job and a boyfriend? And no, I don't want to talk about my slowly disintegrating relationships or my sense of apathy and dissatisfaction towards the world. Not when I can mention the set of cards labelled '50 Things to Paint and Draw' that begins with a picture of a friendly orange dinosaur and makes me smile. Maybe I'll end up buying it.

I come here with the intention to offload some of these things that are tearing at me and I can't because I can't find the words.

Pink balloons
Posted on 2006.12.24 at 10:46
Merry Christmas, everyone.

I hope you can all enjoy the holiday season with your families and peace of mind.


Pink balloons
Posted on 2006.03.10 at 13:18
[you put the lime in the coconut]

[and you drink 'em both together]